Frequently Asked Questions

Brides are given an hour for first fittings and 30 minutes every fitting thereafter.

Formals such as bridesmaids and mothers are given 30 minutes.

Don’t worry, most will not need the full time!

Payment is due in full at your first fitting.

Along with your dress, please bring the shoes and any undergarments or shape wear that you are planning to wear with your dress to each fitting. This will insure proper fit and hemming.

You can expect to walk away feeling confident about the direction of your dream garment!

Please be on time for all scheduled fittings.

You will be greeted and escorted to your fitting room, where you will then slip into your undergarments, shoes and beautiful dress.  We are happy to assist you in getting into your dress.

Most, if not all, pinning is done at this fitting.

If you are having custom work done, then we’ll discuss that as well.

At checkout, you will schedule your next fitting.

At your second fitting all or most of the alterations are completed.

You will try on your dress to make sure that you are happy with your alterations.  If you are completely happy with your alterations and do not need it steamed/pressed, then you can take your dress home with you that day.

*If you are completely happy with your alterations and want us to steam/press your dress, then you will leave it with us and schedule a day to pick up your dress (usually closer to your wedding or event date)!

*If the fit is still not perfect, then we will pin the necessary areas and schedule you a final fitting.

For bridal gowns, you will generally need about 2-4 fittings.

For bridesmaids, mothers and other formal dresses, generally 2 fittings are enough.

For bridal alterations, we generally recommend scheduling your first fitting at least 3-4 months from your wedding date or the date needed.

For bridesmaids, mothers and other formal alterations, generally 8-10 weeks from the date needed.

*If there are extensive alterations needed, such as custom work and/or resizing, then extra time may need to be added.

Yes*! however, there will be a rush fee added to your total cost.

   -For bridal alterations needed 8 weeks or less from the first fitting.

   -For other formal alterations needed 6 weeks or less from the first fitting.

*While we can accommodate some rush alterations, appointments are very limited. We do NOT accept rush alterations the months of March -October, as this is our busiest time of the year and we can’t accommodate the quick turnaround.

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